jingles portrait

Hey there!

I’m Hong Jing, you can call me Jingles. I am currently pursuing my PhD, applying machine learning to neuroscience and healthcare. Specifically, I work on brain-computer interfaces to diagnose eye problems. In my evenings and weekends, I build open source apps and tools on NOSTR and the Cardano blockchain.

Previously, I worked on recommender systems at Alibaba. During my time there, I built a category ranking algorithm for Double 11's homepage and a system to distribute customized vouchers to users. These efforts resulted in a 10-25% year-on-year increase in click-through rate, conversion rate, and revenue.

As a machine learning engineer in a government agency, my role focused on natural language processing (NLP) and fleet management systems. I built multiple solutions to extract insights from a large collection of documents. These projects reduced the human effort required to analyze and identify pain points in the company’s processes.