HongJing Khok (Jingles)

A highly experienced machine learning engineer with 9 years of industry expertise in natural language processing, recommendation systems, and signal processing.

As a full-stack developer for over 10 years, I have actively pursued multiple side projects driven by curiosity, creativity, innovation, and a passion for continuous learning. Since 2021, I have been actively involved in blockchain projects, specifically focusing on an open-source SDK project aimed at enhancing the developer experience.

With a nimble and agile approach, I excel in delivering solutions within rapidly changing environments. My curious and inquisitive nature fuels my constant desire to learn, enabling me to quickly grasp new concepts and pioneer the application of emerging technologies.

Work Experiences

I have extensive experience building end-to-end machine learning systems to make business impact, and rapid prototyping products & user interfaces to meet business needs. Since 2021, I have been deeply involved in blockchain development.

Founder & Product & Architect

Mesh SDK
2022 - Present

Understanding the needs of developers and pain-points to build integrated tools and solutions to enhance developer experience. Engagement communities and form partnerships to create synergy between projects to increase Cardano adoption.

PhD (ML & Neuroscience)

Alibaba Group
2019 - Present

Designed experiments to study how we could use machine learning to apply neuroscience concepts to diagnose eye diseases, to effectively extract visual field defects though the use of brain-computer interface.

Machine Learning Engineer (RecSys)

Alibaba Group
2017 — 2019

Built and optimized algorithms to solve challenging business problems to uplift business metrics. Collaborated across product and engineering teams to brainstorm ideas and to perform tests to ensure reliable and scalable APIs.

Machine Learning Engineer (NLP)

Defence Science and Technology Agency
2014 — 2017

Championed the use of machine learning to solve real world problems and improve business processes. Rapid prototyping to showcase how technology can meet business requirements.

Technology Stacks

I’ve worked with a number of frameworks and technology stacks over the years but here are the core languages, frameworks and tech stacks I use in a regular basis recently.



PhD in Computer Science

Nanyang Technological University
Applying machine learning in the field of neuroscience, using brain-computer interface to diagnose eye diseases.

Master of Business Administration
(Passed with Honors)

Quantic School of Business and Technology
Business administration and financial management.

Bachelor in Computer Science
(Second Class Upper Honours)

Nanyang Technological University
Artificial intelligence, data analytics, data mining, and robotics.